At asana studios, we have created a comfortable and convenient space for you to step into and enjoy yoga, barre, yoga/barre fusion and HIIT/barre fusion classes. Our asana fam of instructors are certified, experienced and have a clear passion for their practice. Our goal is to share this passion with others. We are excited to build a community on platforms important to us and to you; love, care, kindness, health and strength in body and mind.

Our intention is to provide a welcoming, beautiful and clean environment that practitioners of all different levels can love. We also want to allow non-practitioners and those who are on a break from their practice to stay connected. So, join our asana squad for a class, a fresh off-the-tap cup of kombucha and enjoy the beautiful view at our bar surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. We offer an amazing selection of apparel and other goodies, so you can even shop till you savasana.

Our classes include vinyasa flow yoga, yang & yin yoga, prenatal yoga, foundations, ashtanga, flow & restore, barre, yoga & barre fusion, yoga sculpt, HIIT & barre fusion, yoga for athletes, restorative yoga and more.

trust yourself, inspire yourself

~asana trio

The Asana Studio Team

Asana [ah-suh-nuh]
Origin: Sanskrit
The Sanskrit word defined as yoga posture/pose. The Sanskrit names for different yoga postures usually end in asana.
Some examples are garudasana (Eagle pose) and vrksasana (Tree pose).

Asana is the third limb in the eight limbs of yoga.