Yoga first entered Christine’s life in university as a fascinating space to quiet the mind and attempt to balance on one leg. Initially, yoga was a compliment to her other physical activities. Following a tailbone fracture, she committed to a routine practice that brought healing, strength and flexibility to not just her body but also her spirit and mind.

The mindfulness, mobility, and moving beyond perceived limitations that yoga brings – on and off the mat – are the reasons she practices and teaches. She hopes to inspire new and seasoned students to reconnect with their bodies as they achieve their long-term health and fitness goals through a playful, safe, and inspired yoga practice.

Heather T.

Heather is a group fitness and dance instructor. She has an extensive background in dance. Her journey began while training at the School of Alberta Ballet. Her passion carried her through to perform professionally for ballet companies in Alberta and British Columbia. She discovered the benefits of barre and fitness as cross training. This added to the balance and grounding benefits of her yoga practice has created a yin and yang effect. Her passion lies in movement and connection in all forms aiming to create a motivating and empowering atmosphere for all who practice with her. Outside of teaching barre classes, she can be found performing, teaching ballet or exploring a hiking trail.

“A dance between control and surrender – between pushing and letting go – and when to push and when to let go becomes part of the creative process, part of the open-ended exploration of your being.” -Joel Kramer


Jenna’s path to yoga began at age 13 when her parents took her to a class. Although she enjoyed the class, she didn’t have the appreciation for all that yoga had to offer. Due to many years of dancing, she realized that yoga was always there for her as a place to heal her body. She soon began to notice the importance that yoga played in her life. She decided she wanted to share her passion with others through teaching yoga. She took her yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica. Her training was a life changing experience and she’s grateful for the opportunity to have studied yoga immersed in the jungle. She loves that yoga is open to all ages and body types and there is no limit in the practice. Through her practice, she feels stronger, more empowered and confident. She encourages you to start your path in yoga and observe the shift in your life.


Yoga found Jeremy a few years ago at the perfect time. Since his first class, he was totally hooked leading him to share his practice with others. He feels it’s important to teach in a way that allows each student to feel comfortable and move in the body with ease. He has a passion for Ashtanga yoga and is grateful for all of the benefits the practice has given him. He loves to incorporate breathing & meditation. Mostly recently, he has studied with Nancy Gilgoff in Maui, and his daily practice is with her student Janet Hawkins.


Megan is from Saskatoon and came to Calgary 7 years ago to pursue a career as a professional dancer. She trained professionally at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet as a teenager and into her early 20’s. It was during those years that she realized that movement and dance are her life and feels so lucky that she is able to make her living teaching others. Megan fell in love with Calgary as soon as she got here. She is delighted to be able to pass along her love of dance, barre, yoga and fitness to the great people in Calgary.


Ronnie has enjoyed the practice of yoga for over a decade, specifically classes that focus on sculpting and toning. In addition to obtaining her 200-hour RYT certification at the Alberta Yoga College in Calgary, she received her Yoga Sculpt certification in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in Southern California and loves to go back to the ocean every chance she gets. Being more of a summer girl, she loves being by the water and learning all different types of water sports and activities. She loves that yoga is limitless and there’s always room to learn through the practice.