Ronnie Davis - Asana Owner and Yoga Instructor


Ronnie Davis – Co-Founder & Yoga Instructor

Around 12 years ago, I was hesitantly introduced to yoga by a friend of mine and fell in love with the practice. Over the following years, an extremely busy schedule of working numerous jobs while attending University took a toll on my practice; although I practiced as often as I could.

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business and went on to work at some amazing organizations. In January of 2015, I was in a life-altering car accident which left me with a neck injury and a head injury. Post accident, I didn’t practice at all since most types of motion caused a lot more pain. After fighting many weeks and months filled with what felt like never-ending pain, as much as I tried to hide it from those around me, I felt like I was losing myself to the pain. I tried numerous forms of treatment and saw little temporary relief in some. I decided to return to the place I loved and felt at home, my yoga mat. Although, yoga doesn’t always help with the physical pain, it always calms me mentally and I am able to be more myself pre-accident. After a couple of years of enduring chronic pain, I realized an office job where I sat for most of the day (either in traffic or at my desk) in front of a computer was no longer something I could do. So, I decided that even though I was not retiring, I would have to speed up what was previously my retirement plan… owning a yoga studio.

I partnered up with two forever-inspiring women that have always helped me grow and never cease to amaze me through their strength, my mom Mitra and my sister Rose. Together, we co-founded asana studios. I decided to become a certified yoga teacher and not only help myself but try to help others whose practice can help or already helps them in some way. I also travelled back to Southern California to receive my Yoga Sculpt certificate under the mentorship of one of LA’s top yoga sculpt instructors.

I try to always remind myself, we are all constantly going through something (good or bad) whether it’s planning amazing events, getting through another day of work, facing an obstacle or a challenge, there’s always something. So, I remind myself to take time for myself through my practice and we want to remind you to take time for yourself. I am so excited to meet each and every one of you on the mat.

“Don’t get lost in your pain, know that one day, it will become your cure.” ~Rumi

Certifications: 200 Hour RYT, Yoga Sculpt


Mitra Amin – Co-Founder

Growing up in a house of seven children, I was very close with all of my siblings and with my parents. When I was young, I always noticed that my dad loved to create community amongst those in the neighbourhood and that’s something I strive to do in every day life.

As I’m sure other moms can relate, I adore my children and grand-children. When my kids were younger, I wanted to provide a fuller life for them in a country that could offer more opportunity than our home country.

So, we decided to leave our lives, possessions and families behind in order to pursue the opportunities that awaited us. Watching my children grow and blossom into the hard-working people they are today made every sacrifice that much easier to make. As a trained tango, salsa and merengue dancer, I know that love and passion for any method of self-improvement are extremely important in all of our lives. Yoga and barre provide self-improvement and help bring people together and create growth and community in the most beautiful way. I have been a self-employed hair stylist for over fifteen years and can sincerely say that I enjoy connecting with my clients each day. I am ecstatic to embark on this adventure with my two daughters and create and grow a community we can all be a part of.

“The truth is, the universe will always take care of you.” – Esther Hicks