February's 'asana of the month'

Improve your asana practice & your knowledge of asanas. Each month, we will further explore one particular asana (posture) providing you with different tips about the posture including benefits, way to get into & out of the asana, modifications, preparatory & counter asanas & so much more!

This does not mean that students will perform the asana in every class or at all, instead you will be educated about the asana throughout the whole month & can choose to perform the asana if cued into it during class.

‘asana of the month’

English name: wheel pose
also called upward facing bow

Sanskrit name: urdhva dhanurasana

New Year challenge

Join our New Year challenge! challenge starts January 14th

Complete 28 classes between Jan. 14th until Feb. 15th (inclusive) for a chance to win!

1st prize

1 months of yoga/barre/HIIT classes for yourself or a friend
& asana branded water bottle & 5 guest passes for 5 friends

2nd prize

asana branded water bottle & hat
& 3 guest passes for 3 friends

3rd prize

asana branded water bottle
& 2 guest passes for 2 friends
Winners will be drawn in order of prizes. See guidelines below!
New Year Challenge Guidelines
  • membership holders and class pass package holders can enter the New Year Challenge for FREE;
  • Corpse pose (savasana) members must pay a $20 entry fee to enter the challenge;
  • Only a maximum of two classes per day will count towards the challenge;
  • If your package/membership ends prior to the end of the challenge, you must purchase another package/membership or additional classes to stay in the challenge;
  • RSVP with our asana fam at the front desk on or before January 14th to enter;
  • All contestants who complete the New Year Challenge will receive an asana t-shirt or tank top in addition to being entered to win one of three grand prizes;
  • All regular terms and conditions apply.
Take your chance to continue or build the amazing habit of practicing yoga & exercising.
Please speak with your physician prior to starting any form of exercise.
Remember to attend a variety of classes and always honour your body & have fun!
Good luck asana squad! 🙏

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